Name something toy dolls might do that make them seem like a real babby?

Answer They can be held and feed

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Name something toys do that make them seem like a real baby?

They cry, wet their pants, talk crawl, and their eyes open and close (family feud answers)

Is anybody here afraid of old porcelain dolls, that seem like they're looking at you?

I can trace this same feeling in me back to watching Rod Serling's Twilight Zone too late at night with a babysitter as a small child! Didn't that episode star Telly Sevalis?Oddly enough I think t... Read More »

Looking for title of kids video that was about kids stepping into a dream-like land and there was an evil queen and it might have had something to do with eating berries or something that grew on tree?

Garu doesn't talk because he took a vow not to. As far as I'm aware, Pucca doesn't because Garu doesn't. She probably decided to stay that way because she likes him so much.

Name something that a person might ask to have signed?