Name something that feels really really bad?

Answer Doing my f***ing taxes, and finding out how much I owe to the f***ing IRS this year.And how was YOUR day??

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It feels like theirs something in my eye?

Probably a tiny scratch on the cornea. Nothing to do, but if it's not gone after a night's sleep, get medical attention. If the "hit" was forceful you might notice after about 5 days a throbbing ac... Read More »

It feels like someone has been in my car?

Are you absolutely certain that the person you got the car from gave you ALL the keys / remotes? Also, check the rubber moldings around the windows and door frame for any sign of damage .. If som... Read More »

Feels like there is something in my eye but there isn't.?

You have a nano byte in there and someones seeing what you see like big brother watching you from the skys.:p

Feels like there's something in my eye... What could it be?

Possibly a sty forming along the lid or just inside the lid, or a scratch on your cornea. I've had both, and they constantly feel like a piece of sand.Best way to combat the irritation is to get a... Read More »