Name something a school bus driver might complain about?

Answer Noisy Kids Bad Kids Kids Standing Up Kids Being Late Too Many Kids

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Free driver scanners/repair similar to Driver Detective,Driver genius?

Save your money and just do a regular check of your hardware. Most software/hard ware you install will update automatically.

How do I become a school bus driver?

Graduate High SchoolYour should earn a high school diploma. Most employers, especially school districts, prefer drivers who have graduated from high school.LicensureObtain a commercial driver's lic... Read More »

How do I become a school bus driver in MA?

Tests and TrainingStudy for and take the Commercial Driver's License general knowledge test. You can sign up for the test at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The RMV also has the commercial driver's... Read More »

What is the salary of a school bus driver?

The average annual salary for a school bus driver in the United States is $31,314 as of November 2009. Individual pay can vary drastically, depending on factors such as years of experience, employ... Read More »