Name something a parent might limit their child's time using?

Answer TV, computer, video games, and phone

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In the state of Ohio does a child have to live with a parent 50 percent of the time in order for that parent to be considered a Residential Parent?

Answer I live in Ohio and I do believe the child in question must live with the parent MORE than 50% of the year for that particular parent to be "the Residential Parent". In my case, it was descr... Read More »

What is the time limit on a son-in-law?

There is no time limit on a son-in-law. Your son-in-law is the husband of your daughter and remains so unless and until your daughter is no longer married to him.

Is there a time limit for Megan's Law?

Megan's Law refers to a California statute that requires certain sex offenders to register their whereabouts with the Department of Justice as often as every 30 days. Supervision under the law is f... Read More »

Is there a time limit on copyrights for photographs?

The copyright on a photograph is 70 years from the creation date. If the photograph was created as "work for hire," or anonymously, the copyright will be for either 95 years from publication or 120... Read More »