"Name someone who wears gloves for their profession?

Answer Surgeons.

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Who in your family wears rubber gloves?

Can someone sign a car over to you if it's not in their name?

Laws vary slightly by state, but only the owner of a car can transfer ownership over to another person. The owner must sign the transfer of ownership papers. Check with your local DMV for the neces... Read More »

How can you find out if someone has your name on their car insurance?

Answer Ask them. If they won't tell you then there may be no way to find out. Why would you need to know this anyway? You could call the insurance agent and they may or may not disclose the info... Read More »

Why would someone name their child this?

Ack! That's a horrid name! It's not like a nickname would help either, I mean what are you going to call her, "Clam"? Apparently Chlamydia's parents are not that smart because they must not know... Read More »