Name one restaurant in Seattle you would recommend to an out-of-towner?

Answer For Italian: Salvatore's (61st & Roosevelt) Authentic and cozyFor views of Seattle: Salty's on Alki or Palisades (bonus for the huge indoor Koy Pond). Skip the Space Needle, food is a bit lacking.... Read More »

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What restaurant and menu item would you recommend at Las Vegas?

Hash House a Go Go (everything is amazing there)

Name something you own that you would HIGHLY recommend your friends to buy?

What I own that I highly reccomend for my friends is something that can't be bought. It is the Love Of A Woman.

What would be a good name for a wing restaurant?

Heavenly Wings. I'll take a 5% consultant fee. :P

If you owned a vegetarian restaurant what would you name it?

i don't like "literal" restaurant names....for example, burger king, joe's bbq, etc. i think restaurant names are more interesting when they peak your interest and make you want to find out what ki... Read More »