Name of the camera which could film 360 degrees?

Answer You may have accidentally deleted them. But it should be no problem at all to get them back. Do not take any more pictures, and remove the card from the camera to lessen the chance of you overwriti... Read More »

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Which is better a film camera or a digital camera?

Film and Digital Cameras are very different but share the same basics, the difference between Digital and Film is that with Film you can expect better quality photos then Digital cameras, Film came... Read More »

First film camera I need help (NIKON F55 FILM CAMERA)?

1) This film may be salvageable as the exposed film is wound into the cassette, but you don't know how long it's been in there - keep an eye out the next time you go shopping. While any 35mm film ... Read More »

I want to buy a Film SLR camera, but idk which is the best. can someone help?

if you want to go film, it will cost you alot more than 350, in long run. You can get a used unit for as low as 50$ on ebay, but like stated above, it will require courses and more resources and t... Read More »

Which Canon SLR 35mm film camera was made before the EOS-1v?

The EOS-1V is Canon's top of the line professional film camera. It is the third version in the EOS-1 line. The original EOS-1 was introduced in 1989 The EOS-1N was introduced in 1994 The EOS-1V ... Read More »