Name of google troll website?

Answer I was interested in this, I finally found it out.

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What is a Troll I'm told about them but the google defenition wasn't very helpful?

You've probably guessed by now there is no easy answer. Trolling is almost synonymous with baiting - which is where the internet usage gets its name from and now covers a wide range of usages.It co... Read More »

How much can we earn after registering our website with google adsense is it worth maintaning a website?

First of all Good Question.If you are in IndiaDomain / .org / .net - Rs.1200/- (1GB Space) (Domain + Space).in means - Rs.1600/- same as aboveFor Designing website for 5 pages (All... Read More »

If you were going to be a troll, what section would you troll?

The adolescent section, and not in a perv way, just because so many of them come to the parenting section.Sadly, if i tried to troll, I think I'd be spotted a gazillion miles away by those who know... Read More »

What does .com mean in a website like what does the com mean?

commercial org = organizationgov = governmented = education