Name of a cable connector that would be used if the cable was coaxial?

Answer BNC connector

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Is there a difference between an RF Connector and a regular Coaxial cable?

"but I only see an RF connector on the back of the TV. "That is also called a "F" connector and it mates with the CATV coax cable.Measure the distance you need to go from the wall jack to the back ... Read More »

How to Connect a VCR Coaxial Cable to an HDMI Connector DVR System?

An HDMI cable is a high-definition transport cable that sends both HD audio and video signals from one electronic device to another. If you have a DVR with an HDMI connector, it supports HD recordi... Read More »

Does coaxial cable give more cable than white cable?

Which of the following cables carry the signal from a cable modem to a PC is it a RCA cable hdmi ethernet or coaxial?