Name given to alcahol left at the bottom of a glass?

Answer alcohol abuse!!!!

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Can i use glass cleaner with ammonia in it to clean my scanner glass top and bottom?

Advised to use glass cleaner. Ammonia are not not advised use.

Retinal detachment, peripheral was cloudy in bottom left peripheral of my left eye, but not anymore?

No, I doubt it's retinal detachment. The initial (and most common, I believe) symptoms of retinal detachment are typically a sudden onset of floaters like dots, streaks or lines that float across y... Read More »

How do you cut the bottom off a glass bottle?

There used to be kits sold in craft stores way back in the day where you could score a bottle or other glass jar or glass item with a tool and lightly tap the score mark with another tool. On youtu... Read More »

How to Make a Glass Bottom Boat?

Turning a boat into a glass bottom boat is not the easiest of nautical projects, but it does bring the purpose of the boat to a higher level than a simple fishing boat. A glass bottom gives a boat ... Read More »