Name at least 4 items related to each colour that a small child would recognise?

Answer Red- Fire truck, apple, strawberry, barn, tomatoOrange-Orange, carrots, clown fish, pumpkin, goldfishYellow-Sun, lemon, rubber duckGreen-Grass, frog, alligator, Christmas tree, cucumbersBlue-Sky, w... Read More »

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Your child aged 4 yrs 14-15kg has no cyanosis since birth fever wt RTI if takse some cold items. Acyanotic child with tetralogy of fallot at what stage required operation?

At all ages rectal temperature is higher than skin temperature.

How can I add some colour to my small garden, but not using plants/flowers?

One of the best ways to add colour to a small space is with a unified collection of glazed pots. Be disciplined and choose a single or two-colour theme, or it will end up looking messy. For example... Read More »

How to Make a Small Crossbow out of Household Items?

Right now, you can probably build your very own mini crossbow without getting up from your desk: no knives, wood, electric appliances or any other expensive equipment are needed. To make a small cr... Read More »

What is a good title for an activity distinguishing between big and small items?

Big and Small items all around usHave the kids line up from the biggest to the smallest. Sort or match animals buy sizeTake a walk and ask them to find things that are bigger or smaller then someth... Read More »