Name a way you can tell if an apple is no good?

Answer the color and the taste

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What are some good mp3 players other then anything by Apple?

The obvious choice in my opinion will be Sansa Fuze (music+video) or Clip (music only) both have new models (Fuze+, Clip+). The players with 4GB of both new models are sold in the price range of 40... Read More »

Is apple peel good for you?

Apple peel is good for you, as long as you remember to wash it first. According to an article in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, apple peel contains 13 ingredients proven to fight c... Read More »

What is a good baking apple?

The flesh of a good baking apple should remain firm when baked and offer a balance between sweetness and sharpness to suit the dish in question and your own taste buds. Popular baking apples includ... Read More »

Are apple macbooks any good?

Well, which one do you want to buy? White MacBook is the cheapest, but Aluminum MacBook look cooler with better specs for a little more. The MacBook Pro is generally for desktop replacements or pro... Read More »