Name a way you can tell if an apple is no good?

Answer the color and the taste

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Can some one tell me if cranberry apple juice is also good for urine tract infections?

It will do a good job, straight cranberry is the best, but apple cranberry works too. Sometimes it works better than meds will, depending on how bad the infection is.

Can any one tell me the name of good anti virus that I can dowload free.?

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How can i tell if my apple wine is bad?

I can tell its bad from the recipe. There is no other way it can be dangerous other than the alcohol it might produce and even then its not so bad. It safe to drink but not so good.

How do I tell tip bearing apple trees from spur bearing apple trees?

SpursLook for spurs (thick, thorn-like growths) on the apple tree's branches. If fruit production has started, the apples develop on the spurs. If you have spurs on the tree, you have either a part... Read More »