Name a popular type of cheese?

Answer Mozzarella CheddarParmesanDesi panneer (our country made)Cream cheese:)))

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What is the most popular type of ice cream Which type is your favorite?

Is feta a type of cheese?

Yes, feta is a white, soft or semi-hard cheese, according to the Types of Cheese website. Made from sheep's, goat's or cow's milk, feta cheese happens to be one of the oldest cheeses in the world.S... Read More »

What is your fav type of cheese?

A tie between Mozzarella and Monterey Jack

What type of cheese is Fontina?

Produced for many centuries to date, Fontina is a world-renowned cheese with an elastic quality and soft golden color. Its meticulous production makes Fontina a versatile and nutritious dairy prod... Read More »