Name a pain that you never want to have?

Answer Apno ko khone ka yaa dur hone ka pain.Edit:- sorry it means pain of losing our near and dear ones.

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Is it normal to be around kids for less than 24 hours and decide that you never want to have any of your own?

Hey, I hear you! I love my kids and I still hate them sometimes. Like yesterday... putting together one of those goddam snap together merry go round toys and the little bastidge can't keep his hand... Read More »

R&P Poll: name a song that you have never heard on the radio?

I'm sad to hear about your lost jukebox... if I see it around, you'll be the first to know.One of the most compelling arguments (for me) Napster made when the RIAA came after them regarding the ill... Read More »

Name a celebrity that should never have taken up acting."?

Ronald ReganMadonnaWill FarrelO.J. Simpson.Bill Cosby.Jim Carrey.

Do animals feel pain i heard that they don't have the part of the brain that feels pain, is this true?

YES THEY FEEL PAIN! Why else would they cry when you hurt them (whimper)?