Name a good web to download music?

Answer what i always use. :)

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What is a good way to download music?

If you learn how to use torrents, BitTorrent is a MUCH safer tool, but you download entire CD's or Catalogs, not individual songs. If you would like me to help you use torrents let me know and I'll... Read More »

I need a good way to download music?

Linewire is AWFUL for your computer.Download a BitTorrent program (google Torrent downloader) and use torrents you don't just download a song or two. You download t... Read More »

What's a good program to download music?

Youtube converter then you could look for a totorial on youtube to know how

What is a good place to download music from?

she clearly said free and not limewire LOLi use youtube & just copy the link of the song you want and go to click on the 'download' tab and put the link in the first box. th... Read More »