Name a food that looks like clouds?

Answer Marshmallow and Cotton Candy

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What is the name of an underwater swimming insect that looks like a row boat with oars?

The Corixa punctata it is also known as the lesser water boatman. An insect of order Hemiptera. It always looks as if it is under the surface of the water, but is actaully swimming on the surfaceM... Read More »

Anyone know the name of the shrub/tree that looks like a upside down umbrella It's white..?

Either a weeping mulberry or weeping cherry

Can you name 3 vegetables that you like to eat with your Food?

Simple food question. Can you name 3 foods that you like with Butter/Margarine?

Good Morning Scooter, Homemade Biscuit with butter and Raspberry perseveres.. Homemade French Toast or Waffles..Yummy Homemade Irish Bread..To die for..Your Friend,poppy1