Name a film that has made you cry and why.?

Answer If Only... starring Jennifer Love Hewitt ... the scene where the guy tells her why and how much he loves her minutes before he knew she was gonna die... oh my gosh.. overwhelming.. and then he deci... Read More »

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The last film you saw that made you cry?

"The Hitch-hikers Guide to Th Galaxy"; because I actually paid to see it.

Has a film ever made u cry?

I cried for many hours when I watched "Ghosts of Mars" by G.Carpenter and "It" by S.King & T. Lee Wallace. I m still crying cuz I want my money back...

What was the very first film made?

The answer really depends on what you consider to be a movie.The First Motion Picture Ever Made - The Horse In Motion (1878)An 1878 experiment by Eadweard Muybridge in the United States using 24 ca... Read More »

Best film ever made?

Wow, tough question. For me it depends on the genre. I am going to have to say that the first Godfather in my opinion is the best movie ever made. Great story, great acting, extremely well made. In... Read More »