Name a chore you might get out of doing if it rains?

Answer GardeningTaking out the Trashwashing the carrakingmowing the lawn

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What household chore do you actually like doing?

Sweeping or Mopping Which house chore do you least like doing?

Mopping, it's messy, I'd rather take out the swiffer and sweep the place up... (Our place is all hardwood and it's easy to clean up)When I think of mopping I think of a mop, bucket, water, and dete... Read More »

What household chore do you hate doing and would gladly pay someone to do?

Cleaning the bathrooms, I have five boys at home and apparently they must be blind, because not a one of them can hit the toilet when they pee.

Name some different utilities that might or might not be covered in a person's rent payment How would you know whether these expenses are paid by the landlord or the tenant?

look at the rental contract or lease papers. the utility responsibilities should be listed there. many times garbage, water and sewer are included in rent. typically utilities such as electricity, ... Read More »