Name Two factors that affect labor supply?

Answer Read the text book = Principles of Economics

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How to Determine the Factors That Affect a Supply & a Demand?

The relationship between supply and demand is a fundamental concept of economics. A supply is the amount of a good that is present and available. A demand is the quantity of a product or a service ... Read More »

What physical factors affect birth labor and how?

Factors Affecting the Supply of Fast Food Outlets in Emerging Markets?

There is a constant rise in population in most developing and developed countries with a majority of it being the youth. After a long day in school or at work most youths prefer to eat or buy takea... Read More »

What Increases the Supply Curve of Labor?

Turns out, a labor supply curve depends on wages: Workers work longer when they get paid more, unless they make so much they prefer to spend time in leisure. Increase and decrease in labor supply d... Read More »