Name Three Shrubs That Are Salt-Tolerant?

Answer Coastal areas, as well as interior desert regions, are prone to salty air and saline soils. Some shrubs are native to these areas and other shrubs can be adapted to these extreme conditions. ... Read More »

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Shade Tolerant Evergreen Shrubs?

Evergreen shrubs can be easy to care for and bring color to your yard, even in the winter when other plants have faded away for the season. When selecting shrubs, it's important to consider whether... Read More »

Drought Tolerant Flowering Shrubs?

Drought tolerant shrubs are ideal for areas where rainfall is limited or when you want an unfussy, low maintenance garden. Choose those that flower and you have shrubs that help create a colorful g... Read More »

Drought-Tolerant Plants & Shrubs?

If you are looking for plants and shrubs that will tolerate periods of drought, you have a range of options from which to choose. Although drought-tolerant plants may not necessarily thrive in a co... Read More »

What Makes a Perennial Salt Tolerant?

If you live and garden near a coast or in a region where salt is used for deicing, you may have noticed that some perennial plants experience the symptoms of salt damage, such as defoliation or bur... Read More »