Name Tag Etiquette?

Answer If you've been invited to a business convention, or will be hosting a similar event soon, it's important to be aware of name tag etiquette. Creating and wearing name tags correctly will help collea... Read More »

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Family Name Etiquette?

Family name etiquette is as complex and varying as the people and regions the names are from. Surnames denote a sense of identity, belonging and history. A country or part of the world can have dis... Read More »

Spa Tip Etiquette?

A spa experience can be relaxing and invigorating, but when you arrive at the counter to pay for the services, don't let your peace be shattered by confusion about tip etiquette. By knowing what i... Read More »

Realtors' Etiquette?

A realtor must carry a level of decorum when making the sale. Dealing with people of varying incomes and backgrounds, providing respect for the potential buyer may mean the difference between makin... Read More »

How to Use Parking Lot Etiquette?

This motorist (without a handicap placard) parked across the handicap parking spot and blocked a good portion of the walkway.Often, in our hurry to get into the store to pick up a few things before... Read More »