Name Some Things My Kids will Never Know, like the sound of a Dial-Up Modem?

Answer -Booting a computer using a floppy disk-The crackling sound of a record on a record player-8-track tapes-reel-to-reel tape player-A camera that uses 35mm film-Looking up a business in a phone book-... Read More »

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Will a wireless router work with a dial-up modem?

It is not possible to use a standard broadband wireless router with a dial-up modem. There are wireless routers that do work with dial-up modems, but they are relatively scarce. In these situations... Read More »

Hooking up a laptop with NO dial up modem to dial up?

You should be able to get a lead from your electronics store that will link your Dell with the moden for your other PC dear.

Name some things that are bumpy that a Kindergartner might know.?

Pineapplepine conebuuble wrapspeed bumps on roadsbark on treeslego, duplorocks and stonesThese are just a few ideas of the top of my head.Good luck with your lesson

What are some things a guy should never do to a girl on her periods?

well just don't annoy Her,for your own good,lol,