Name Some Things My Kids will Never Know, like the sound of a Dial-Up Modem?

Answer -Booting a computer using a floppy disk-The crackling sound of a record on a record player-8-track tapes-reel-to-reel tape player-A camera that uses 35mm film-Looking up a business in a phone book-... Read More »

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Hooking up a laptop with NO dial up modem to dial up?

You should be able to get a lead from your electronics store that will link your Dell with the moden for your other PC dear.

What is a dial-up modem?

A dial-up modem is a piece of hardware that permits users to access the Internet via an analog phone line. Its maximum data capacity is 56Kbps, since it has to convert the digital information to an... Read More »

How do I share a dial-up modem?

InstructionsNavigate to the start button, select "Control Panel" and double-click on "Network Connections."Select the local area network (LAN) connection or select the Internet connection you want ... Read More »

How to Set Up a Dial Up Modem at Home?

Setting up a dial-up modem at home is a fairly simple process that does not require anything but a basic knowledge of how to navigate your computer. While a dial-up modem offers slower connection s... Read More »