Name 5 Ways That High School Is Different Than College?

Answer While students generally show awareness of the basic differences between high school and college education -- such as tuition fees and academic load -- many do not realize differences in the learni... Read More »

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You finished high school at the college of eastern Utah the last half of your senior year on a rodeo scholarship and never got a copy of your high school diploma so how do you get a copy of my diploma?

Spelman CollegeAtlanta, Georgia Annual Cost (Fall 2009) Room and board: $10,062 For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Bo... Read More »

Can anyone please list a number of ways we can solve high tuition rates for college?

Most people who go to college don't need to. It does them no good, or they drop out. So the answer is, stop going to college. Fire all the Rich Professors who do jack squat. Concentrate on teaching... Read More »

Ways to do hair for high school?

Your hair is thin, there are ways to make them look thicker.Use of plastic curlers. You'll have to spend a little bit longer to have more beautiful thicker hair, then style them using hair accessor... Read More »

Ways to Graduate From High School in California?

The California public school system has established a set of graduation requirements that every student must fulfill before receiving a diploma. While most students graduate simply by following the... Read More »