Name 10 must have photography equipments?

Answer brains eyesighthands (all fingers may came handy)free timehealthawareness of your surroundingssome money (not much is needed to enjoy it)willingness to search for your subjectsgood disposition towa... Read More »

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Where must you study for wildlife photography?

Ideally "in the wild". But that takes time and money. One of the best places to start, however, may be at a zoo. While you're most likely not going to be able to many of the animals in motions as t... Read More »

Why must the glass be clean when making a contact print in graphics photography?

Answer The dirt or smudge can affect the quality/uniformity of light reaching the photo media.

What are the direct evaporator equipments?

How to use Electronics equipments with North American Standards in India ?

You need a power Transformer: 220V to 110 V, rated with as many (or more) Watts as those used by the blender or the other devices.