Nails Survey: Girls Would You Pay For This?

Answer Definitely, and so worth it !!!!

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Guys: Do you like girls with long nails or short nails ?

Long nails always make a womans hands look more feminine & sexy. Some women can't grow long nails so a nicely done set of fakes is awesome. My wife keeps hers close to 1 inch long and squared at th... Read More »

Nails Survey: If You Love Pedicures, How Does This sound?

i think that is AN amazing idea, just make sure to get a lot of advertisement and make sure ur costumers like ur servise and they will inform others :)

Survey for girls only!?

1. Usually2. Not anymore. I used to want a nose job.3. Not at all.

Girls name survey!!!?

1. Amber2. Abigail3. Britney4. Cassandra5. Emma6. Grace7. Haley8. Isabel9. Isabella10. Jamie10. 2. Julia11. Krista12. Leah12. 2. Lily13. Molly13. 2. Madison14. Natalie15. Olivia16. Rachel17. Sarah1... Read More »