Nail fell into my foot?

Answer It might be nice if you had asked a direct question. but I'll advise you as best I can. check your recent medical records for what tetanus shot you had. some are very short term. others are 10 year... Read More »

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Toe Nail fell off :/?

It'll be back in no time! No worries. Just keep in clean with a little peroxide and it'll grow back on its own. To be acurate it'll probably grow back within a month.

My toe nail fell off help !?

Yes, it will grow back. Apply an antibiotic ointment and put a band aid on it. Change the band aid once every other day or until it falls off.

I fell and hurt my foot....?

I would go just to get checked out and be sure. I broke my ankle over 10years ago adn my ankle is still weak. Hope all goes ok Xx

Ladder fell on my toe, its bleeding and the nail is turning blue.?

if the nail is turning blue , its a little late to ice it. heat would probably be best for it now, also the nail will probably come off in a few days but don't worry it will grow back