NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 Amount of Video memory?

Answer since that is Integrated..I would say about can click on Start, then Run, the type in dxdiag, then when the box comes up, click on the Display tab =]then just read thatgood luck

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How to Replace Nvidia GeForce 6150SE Drivers XP?

Video card device driver files are the files that act as a translator between your hardware and your operating system, letting your Windows XP computer know how to best use the card. Replacing your... Read More »

Can my Nvidia GeForce 6150SE run multiple LCD monitors If so, how If not, what do I need?

It looks like integrated video (Built onto your motherboard, it's not a seperate card). In which case, no. You can only use one monitor at a time. TripleHead2Go may be one option, I am not sure. Yo... Read More »

Which is a better video card (NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600)?

For your first comparison the XFX would be probably have more frenquency in core/mem clock from the XXX designation. The eVGA is just reference/vanilla card.Your second is harder. Bo... Read More »

The Specifications of 768Mb Nvidia Geforce 9600 GS Video Card?

The 768Mb Nvidia Geforce 9600 GS is a video card manufactured by PNY, designed to provide graphics support for a variety of different computers. The card has a variety of different features.