NV3550 Transmission Specifications?

Answer The NV3550 (New Venture 3550) is a medium duty, five-speed transmission that is a common component in various vehicles such as XJ Cherokees and Jeep TJ Wranglers. The NV3550 is often used for V-8 i... Read More »

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T5 Transmission Specifications?

Borg-Warner manufactured the Tremec T5 five-speed manual transmission for numerous American-made cars and a limited number of Japanese cars. Borg-Warner based the T5 on the previous T4 version and ... Read More »

Specifications for an E40D Transmission?

The Ford E40D transmission -- a heavy-duty unit found in E-series vans, F-series trucks, the Bronco and Expedition -- is a computer-controlled transmission for rear-wheel drive vehicles. Ford used ... Read More »

GM Transmission Torque Specifications?

Tightening General Motors manual and automatic transmissions to the engine block requires specific twisting force with a torque wrench. The torque wrench allows the mechanic to tighten the bolts at... Read More »

AX 15 Manual Transmission Specifications?

The AX-15 Manual Transmission was produced by the Aisin-Warner Company starting 1987. It was a standard-shift medium-duty 5-speed transmission, as well as being one of the four transmissions that A... Read More »