NRTL OSHA Regulations?

Answer An NRTL is a National Recognized Testing Laboratory. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards require testing and approval of certain products by a NRTL (see References... Read More »

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OSHA PSM Regulations?

Thousands of workers become injured, sick or even die at work each year, and OSHA regulations aim to reduce such incidents. OSHA PSM (Process Safety Management) regulations help workplaces establis... Read More »

OSHA Lock-Out Regulations?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the federal agency responsible for overseeing workplace safety. The agency makes and enforces various regulations to prevent worker injuries, in... Read More »

OSHA Regulations Concerning Headphones?

When it comes to headphones, you can choose from a diversity of types and styles. Headphones can also be used in a number of different applications. A common place to find them is in the work envir... Read More »

OSHA Sharp Regulations?

The hospital systems around the United States employ more than 8,000,000 health care workers. It is estimated that up to 800,000 needle puncture injuries occur just among health care workers. Annua... Read More »