NO sound on Speaker Pc HELP PLZ ?

Answer Ae you sure they're plugged in correctly?usually there are three little holes, one's green, one's blue, and one's pink, make sure they're plugged into the green oneif that doesn't work, then there ... Read More »

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Speaker crackling sound please help?

There's either something wrong with the jack on the computer or a wire coming loose on the headphones themselves. Try a different set of headphones. If the problem goes away, it's a problem with th... Read More »

Is BOSE have agood sound speaker or all just depend on sound software?

Speakers are the most important part of any sound system. Bose, however, is not a high-end speaker. If Bose advertised themselves as a cheap, mass market product whose only real benefit was its sma... Read More »

When my surround sound system is on mode "AUX", sound only comes out of one speaker. How can I fix that?

There's a couple issues that may be coming up:... The XBOX may be outputting audio in mono. If that's the case, you'll need to split the signal using a balanced splitter to get two-speaker operatio... Read More »

How can u work out sound delay m/s for different lenght speaker wire 7 meters and 3 meters please help!!!?

The setting is used to measure the distance that your "primary listening" position is from the speaker. Fronts and rears are measured independently from one another. I design H.T. systems and even ... Read More »