NO sound on Speaker Pc HELP PLZ ?

Answer Ae you sure they're plugged in correctly?usually there are three little holes, one's green, one's blue, and one's pink, make sure they're plugged into the green oneif that doesn't work, then there ... Read More »

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Is there any program that allows a 5.1 sound system display sound from only, lets say one speaker?

The Yamaha RX-V 6 series of receivers have a feature called "Virtual Cinema" that lets you use 1,2,3 or 5 speakers.But it sounds like you really want a "Zone 2" feature where the AV Receiver lets y... Read More »

Is BOSE have agood sound speaker or all just depend on sound software?

Speakers are the most important part of any sound system. Bose, however, is not a high-end speaker. If Bose advertised themselves as a cheap, mass market product whose only real benefit was its sma... Read More »

Currently have 5.1 sorround sound speaker system setup using HDMI2 on my LG DVD Player and TV. I Recently purchased a PS3 and want to enjoy the sound on both systems how can i go about doing this?

See if the sysem has an Optical imput on it then if it does simply get a optical cable and plug it in and set up the sound on your ps3

Question about surround sound speaker sound and placement?

Your question can best be answered by your owners manual or a Samsung customer service professional. My opinion would be to live with the setting the best suits you on average then read as much as... Read More »