NO printer because NO power, help. please?

Answer You could try unplugging it and then plugging it back in. That is what I do with mine sometimes. And re-start the computer and see if it notices a printer.

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Please help! What is the meaning of the word "Auto Shape" in power point please help?

The shape is already drawn out for you, you can change the size.

EPSON printer. My printer has jammed ,it wil not print any thing ,can someone help me please?

totally agree with him .my pen always falls down the back if not they are 2 a penny now for £20 except your losses and pick up a new one

My printer won't let my print off my BLACK-worded document because the MAGENTA ink is low- help?

You can try going into your print settings/preferences and checking black only. With Epson printers you need to keep a watchful eye on your ink levels, because if you are out of ink, you can not pr... Read More »

I need help please because I'm starting to freak out abit?

I don`t think any harm has been done, your body will recover from licking this face pad. It`s just like washup liquid getting in the mouth or detergent. A lot of people have that kind of accident. ... Read More »