NIVIDIA Graphics cards?

Answer Do you really think people are going to wade through that great wallof text like that and give you an honest answer?There is such a thing called too much information and that is way over the topand... Read More »

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Is NIVIDIA GT 650M a good graphics card for gaming?

For Minecraft it's overkill. For games like Diablo III, Star Wars the Old Republic, Call of Duty Black Ops and Skyrim it's fine.As previously mentioned, laptops are much weaker for gaming than de... Read More »

I have an agp slot right now. Does it matter what company agp cards you buy from such as nividia or radeon?

well, contrary to what others answered, AGP is not equal AGP.if you bought your PC in the last two or three years, it should have AGP 8x, indeed, but if your PC is four years or older, it might sti... Read More »

Whats better, two 2gb graphics cards, or one 4gb graphics card?

The two 680s should offer a bit more performance than the single 690.Every responder here fails to realize that cards in SLi will mirror their RAM. Therefore, as the 690 is a dual GPU card you wil... Read More »

Difference Between Video Cards & Graphics Cards?

There is no difference between a video card and a graphics card; however, there is a difference between a video card and integrated graphics, and basic knowledge of computer hardware can help you u... Read More »