NEED HELP with external hard drive partition for ubuntu?

Answer ubuntu is horrible why do you think its free!!!!! man its just a bad os and all the software you will use is meant for windows anyway screw ubuntu trust me

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Can you partition an external hard drive?

You can partition a hard drive, but you typically do not have to because most come ready to use with a single partition, according to computer expert Leo Notenboom. You can change partitions by goi... Read More »

How to Partition an External Hard Drive Without Erasing It?

When you partition a drive, you divide a physical internal or external drive into two or more logical drives that are viewed as separate drives by the operating system. You can partition a drive to... Read More »

How to create a partition for the 160 GB external hard drive ?

There is no "easy" way, you need software that is capable of creating and modifying partitions such as:Symantec's Partition Magic:…Acronis Disk Director:ht... Read More »

How to Partition Seagate External Hard Drive?

Partitions are a useful way to separate different types of data on a hard drive, including separating backups from data storage or restricting access to certain files. A Seagate external hard drive... Read More »