NEED HELP treating a bad burn?

Answer Smother your burn area with an antibacterial cream. I still think that you should see a doctor.............

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What is the first step in treating a burn?

Burn First Aid proceeds as follows: Assess the type of burn: Electrical, chemical, thermal, etc. ** If chemical, decontaminate and protect rescuers. Water flush usually -- see 3rd degree for contra... Read More »

What is the first step to treating a burn victim?

First figure out how bad the burn is. For first and second degree burns(redness and blisters), you can run the burn under cool water. You can also apply an ice pack or some Aloe Vera gel/spray. If ... Read More »

Treating a second degree burn at home?

Try this (:…

Would you say that treating a mentally ill person is more expensive that treating one with physical illness?

My cousin has a psychosis issue. I constantly has suicidal and homicidal ideations. Sometime he trys to act on them but isnt successful lol He takes a cocktail of medications ti treat it and relie... Read More »