NAC Grape Seed Extract & Hair Growth?

Answer You may have already heard about the health benefits of grapes, grape juice and red wine. Grapes are also harvested for their seeds, which have powerful antioxidant properties. NAC is another antio... Read More »

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Why date seed extract and grape extract would chnage the level of blood sugar so fast?

Dates and cakes are full of carbs.Carbs raise blood sugar.Easy .

Grape Seed Extract and Dry Skin?

Grape seed oil has long been a favorite ingredient in many skin-care and cosmetic products. It is an excellent carrier oil that delivers dry skin relief along with improving circulation, diminishin... Read More »

Side Effects of Grape Seed Oil and Extract?

The health effects of grapes have recently been attributed to the presence of antioxidants, and the seeds of grapes contain many of these healing compounds. Grape seeds have been pressed for their... Read More »

How to Use Grape Seed Oil to Restore Hair?

Grape seed oil is a lightweight, colorless and odorless oil that has a number of uses. It can be taken as a health tonic, used as a cooking oil or used to moisturize the skin and hair. Because it i... Read More »