Myths in English Literature?

Answer Myths, stories prevalent in a particular culture and accepted by that culture as true, fascinate and shape our contemporary consciousness. From vampires to Disney to American Idol, myths about fame... Read More »

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Comparison & Differences Between the Teaching of French Literature & English Literature?

The earliest work of French literature dates from the ninth century, while the oldest English text, "Caedmon's Hymn," originates even earlier, in the seventh century. Both literatures offer a long ... Read More »

What is the difference between literature in English and English literature?

English literature is literature written in England, while literature in English is any country's literature translated (or, if English and American literature, not translated) into English.

What is the difference between English literature and literature in English?

There's no difference they both refer to literature written in the English language, this can refer to writers who are actually natives of England, such as Shakespeare and Charles Dickens or author... Read More »

Myths About Teaching English Grammar?

Grammar--just the mere mention of its name can make children become suddenly ill. What is it about grammar that makes everyone want to avoid its rules and regulations? With so much debate about whe... Read More »