Mystic Fire Topaz Information?

Answer Despite its distinctive, prismatic ripple of color, the history and significance of the mystic fire topaz is similar to topazes of all color. Also known as fire topaz, caribbean topaz, alaska topaz... Read More »

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Where does mystic fire topaz come from?

Mystic fire topaz, more commonly known as Caribbean topaz, does not come from the Caribbean--in fact, it's brilliant "fire" is manufactured. The stone starts out as common white topaz, and a thin f... Read More »

What is mystic fire topaz?

The mystic fire topaz is a natural, colorless topaz gemstone treated with titanium to give it a rainbow effect.Other NamesGem laboratories enhance colorless topaz to create colors such as blue, gre... Read More »

Description of a Mystic Fire Topaz?

The mystic fire topaz is a man-made creation. In 1998, a Minnesota company called Azotic Coating Technologies developed and patented a method to transform the appearance of colorless topaz by coati... Read More »

Is mystic fire topaz a man-made stone?

Mystic fire topaz is a man-made alteration of the topaz gemstone appearance. The natural stone's pavilion, the lower surface of a brilliant cut gem, is enhanced by a thin film of titanium. This aff... Read More »