Mysterious bug bite that hurts Please answer!!?

Answer Sounds like a fire ant bite. They start as a pimple looking thing and ooze clear stuff. Leave them alone, make sure they don't get infected, you'll be fine. Of course, if it gets worse, have it loo... Read More »

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What is this mysterious bite?

Probably a spider. I'd go to the doctor to make sure it's nothing serious.

Mysterious bug bite or insect sting?

It is most likely a sting from some flying insect. It is impossible to know what it might have been since we don't even know what area of the country you were in. It could have been a bee, a wasp... Read More »

Bug bite hurts like crazy?

This sounds like it could be infected, anything more than a quarter size or so should be looked at immediately. I wouldn't wait and get an emergency appointment with the doctor today.

My head hurts...please read and answer?

I've been to a chiropractor for neck/headaches. It definitely helped me. The fact that you got two different answers is a little fishy, however. I don't really know what to say about that.