Mystart by incredibar HELPPP I CANT REMOVE IT!!!?

Answer Mystart Incredibar is not a virus, most anti-virus program can not detect and remove it. In most case, user needs to uninstall it by manual measure. If you are unluckily getting Mystart Incredibar ... Read More »

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How do I stop from hijacking a websites on my computer?

first check for tdss rootkit:…If no rootkit, try:Start Menu. Select Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs look for IncrediBar* toolbar and Web Assistant in th... Read More »

How to get rid of incredibar?

Reinstalling firefox will not likely fix it alone. Try this (from… ) Enter “about:config” in url bar. This will open settings page Type “Keywo... Read More »

I need help in removing mystart and

1. Disable the plugin on the browser (this is important)2. Reset search provider in the browser3. Reset home page in the browser4. on chrome and firefox, reset the new tab page.

How to remove pimple,plz helpppp,i have many pimple since 4 years,my age nw 18 years.plzzzzz helppp,,ppppppppp?

When the pimple applies sulfur, it is cured.At first you order powdery sulfur at a drugstore.Mix sulfur and water (it is good to add ointment) in a medicine bottle if you obtain it.Use a thin stick... Read More »