Myspace2.0 bold underline & italic colors . . . ?

Answer The new way of making modifications is by changing your settings through the Customized page: • You need to go to the Appearance tab. • Then click on the Advanced Edit. • Choose the se... Read More »

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Can you sort by bold& italic in Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel 2007 does offer users the ability to sort by bold and italics. After selecting a column of data then clicking on the "Sort and Filter" feature, users can sort by cell color, text le... Read More »

How to Do Bold and Underline on Facebook at the Same Time?

Facebook's chat feature has a feature not included with the normal Facebook text box: it lets you bold or underline words. Neither feature is possible when you are simply updating your Facebook sta... Read More »

Instructions for Italic Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is a form of handwriting that focuses on lines, angles, letter spacing, and dimensions. Calligraphy is most often recognized as an artistic form of stylized and italicized handwriting. ... Read More »

How do I make an Outlook Express signature italic?

In Outlook Express, click on the Tools menu, then navigate to Options. Select the "Signatures" tab and choose the signature you want to italicize, or create a new signature. Highlight the text you ... Read More »