Myspace or facebook which one do u think is better?

Answer Having had both a Myspace and Facebook at one point, they both have their benefits.When I was younger (14-20) I used Myspace to communicate with friends. It offers great access to music, videos, an... Read More »

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Which do you think is better : Facebook, or Myspace?

Witch do u think is better myspace or facebook?

facebook because myspace is boring now. I go on there only for the sake of music. And now myspace is covered with like 10 years old and everything !!

Which is better...Facebook or Myspace?

1 - It's all personal preference, really.#2 - Facebook is safer in my opinion. Myspace is mostly filled with preteens and young teens, perfect for pedophiles. Facebook used to be exclusively for co... Read More »


It all depends on you.1. How many more friends do you have on either site? 2. Do you like to have the ability to customize your page however you want, or do you like a nice clean profile?3. Ease of... Read More »