Myspace or Facebook which would do you prefer?

Answer definitley myspace. its much more fun in my opinion =)

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Myspace or facebook Which do you prefer?

i did like facebook the best.until they changed it..i like the old one MYSPACE:]

Which do you prefer: Facebook or MySpace & Why?

Both are really good sites. It sounds like you have the same probablem i had when i made my facebook. It sounds like your just more used to myspace and haven't gotten used to facebook yet. Give fac... Read More »

Which do you prefer: MySpace or Facebook?

I think that Facebook tops MySpace, though it didn't always used to.Facebook is more user-friendly, which appeals more to older-teens and adults. There is a lot less Spam on Facebook too. MySpace i... Read More »

Which do you prefer, facebook, myspace, or twitter?

I'd give them all a try!But I prefer Facebook.