Myspace or Facebook For a 12 Year old?

Answer honestly, its there call. if you wannna have something theres no stopping you, but the purpose of a 12 year old with a facebook or myspace its pretty much not needed at that age. All they really do... Read More »

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Why do parents tell their 12 year olds that they can't have a Myspace/Facebook?

Cuz they think strangers and old people are gonna get our address... and rape us and stuff like that. and other things

Witch is better for a 12 year old girl Myspace or Facebook?

Neither, to many weird ppl on BOTH sights, nothing is PRIVATE!

Facebook or Myspace (Which is better)?

I think MySpace is better because there, you can modify to your taste, also have playlists, you can also see the profile of any person, not otherwise in facebook.ok...

Facebook or myspace!?

Facebook.The problem with MySpace is mostly in design. The first problem is that people can skin their MySpace page to look however they'd like (within certain limits) and most people pick the wor... Read More »