Myspace for pre-teens (ages 9-12) ?

Answer nope. they should leave it how it is. for big kids.

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Best makeup brand for teens ages 12-14?

CliniquePhysician's FormulaSmashboxToo FacedCliniqueLancomeEstee Lauderthose are all really good makeup brands. any of those will do!

How can preteens and teens ages 12-14 prevent reoffenses of physical child abuse?

Answer Only qualified professionals can lead the teen and parents in the right direction. By being physically abused there are a lot of issues the teen has that must be faced and dealt with so th... Read More »

Do you think that teens should be able to get on Myspace at school?

you don't need to get on myspace a lot.i don't pay taxes on my hard earned income to pay for computers for your school so you can check to see if your friend wants to play grabass after school on m... Read More »

Do you think myspace is made 4 teens or adults (TELL THE TRUTH)?