Myspace Symbols?

Answer here are the codes, just remember to take out the spaces. enjoy =)& hearts ; = ♥& clubs ; = ♣& spades ; = ♠& diams ; = ♦

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How to Put Symbols in the MySpace Boxes?

Many symbols, or special character entities, are available to use for your MySpace public profile page. These images, such as a black heart or happy face, can be displayed in the different sections... Read More »

How to Make Symbols for MySpace Using the Shift Key?

If you have a MySpace account and would like to add a few symbols to the messages you write on it or other friends' MySpace pages, then consider making symbols with your Shift key and a combination... Read More »

Myspace symbols - How do you make the music symbol?

you hit "Alt" and a number. for example, to get ♫ you hit "Alt" and "1" and "4." (hold them all in at the same time))hearts (♥) --Alt and 3double eight notes (♫) --Alt and 14eight note (♪) ... Read More »

How to Make Skull & Crossbone Symbols for MySpace?

MySpace gives you many areas to add images such as symbols. These symbols are used to enhance a blog post, decorate your display name or reside next to any text of your choice. Best of all, you do ... Read More »