Myspace: Does any one else keep getting messages from deleted profiles?

Answer Yes, this is when you get a SPAM but by the time you go to check it, the SPAM account has already been deleted. It is usually porn type stuff.

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Can you retrieve deleted sent messages on myspace?

yea i think you can but did you delete the mesage you wanna know if they read? anyways go to your sent messages and right there it will tell you what message has been read and hasnt:)

Is everyones MYspace getting deleted Almost every friend that I click on says that there account was deleted.?

Fake Myspace profiles?

Actually the legal end of the Internet is still not well defined. To prove a case would be a major undertaking. I have seen a lot of clones in YA; it is difficult not to be tricked. Also, I was wri... Read More »

How do I search for MySpace profiles?

BrowseGo to Roll your mouse over the "Friends" button toward the top of the screen. Scroll down and click on "Browse People."Search CriteriaEnter your search criteria, such as gend... Read More »