MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc, are they a waste of time?

Answer Yes, they are highly addictive and fairly pointless. You will find yourself faced with a deadline of sorts, either with university dissertations or account reports for your job, yet you will waste ... Read More »

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Twitter, facebook, myspace or Yahoo q/a Which do you spend the most time on?

None in reality as i been spending more time in a site called Answerbag. Kinda like Answers but less fighting less drama & you don't be getting reported for the crime of liking your team or for ha... Read More »

So I have a facebook, and myspace. Is twitter really fun at all?

Ehh not really. I have a myspace and facebook too. I tried Twitter and it was like....okaaaay, whats the point in this? Honestly I only went on it once (to make a profile) and that was my last time... Read More »

Which for you Twitter,Myspace or Facebook?

Facebook. It's a tidy looking site, easy to navigate, and has a bit more mature audience than MySpace.Twitter will have its uses, perhaps in community alert systems. A town or city will sign up w... Read More »

Which is better MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, or TWITTER?

Facebook: Most of your friends have it, so communication with anyone is swift and easy. Lots of apps that are fun and enjoyable.Having a Facebook account, you can connect to other website is faster... Read More »