MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc, are they a waste of time?

Answer Yes, they are highly addictive and fairly pointless. You will find yourself faced with a deadline of sorts, either with university dissertations or account reports for your job, yet you will waste ... Read More »

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Twitter, facebook, myspace or Yahoo q/a Which do you spend the most time on?

None in reality as i been spending more time in a site called Answerbag. Kinda like Answers but less fighting less drama & you don't be getting reported for the crime of liking your team or for ha... Read More »

I was thinking about making Facebook account, are they fun or a waste of time?

Facebook is a very convenient way to keep in touch with current friends and classmates as well as people you knew in the past and family. It tends to be a bit addictive though. Try to limit yoursel... Read More »

Facebook, myspace, or twitter?

Facebook, hands down. Simple, easy to use, toned down interface, and more importantly, an easy way to keep track or everyone and everything (including Twitter and Myspace) in one place.

Facebook or Myspace Or Twitter?

twitter isnt that personal i dont think. its all about following what people do in their lives, and even then they can only tell you like fifteen words. facebook is okay, only its more for college ... Read More »