My youtube is not working!!! urgent help is needed easy 10 points?

Answer you should follow the instructions and download java. same thing with my computer! =D i just updated my mac n its fast as ever esp youtube.

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Memory card not working, URGENT help needed?

download RecoverXit will scan and recompose data to the C: drive in a new folderafter, check data is GOOD check it carefully, when satisfied.....low level repair the cardre-insert the card into the... Read More »

Effective exercises/workouts needed that help shed weight remarkably!!Easy 10 Points ;)?

If you want to lose weight fat - start doing cardio.Target exercises (i.e. muscle exercises) don't help you shed weight on a certain part of your body, it doesnt work like that I am afraid. So if y... Read More »

URGENT help needed NOW!!?

You poor thing, lay back and take some deep breathes, let see if we can come up with something in your time of need. You have picked some very good boy names and I feel that you should consider th... Read More »

Urgent help needed please?

reinstall shockwave flash or restore your pc to yesterdays setting