My youtube is not working!!! urgent help is needed easy 10 points?

Answer you should follow the instructions and download java. same thing with my computer! =D i just updated my mac n its fast as ever esp youtube.

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Memory card not working, URGENT help needed?

download RecoverXit will scan and recompose data to the C: drive in a new folderafter, check data is GOOD check it carefully, when satisfied.....low level repair the cardre-insert the card into the... Read More »

Youtube name. EASY 10 POINTS!!!?

gaTv ... or ausTV ( said as UStv ) people will remember it easily

How to reach tumblr at school - proxy needed. easy points given!?

All of the modern firewalls filters like Websense can detect a proxy as soon as you connect to it. It’s actually incredibly trivial to do. The filtering software just tries to connect to the addr... Read More »

What can i do for a youtube video. Easy 10 points!?

Write a rap, and videotape yourself doing it.Bo Burnham has videos on YouTube, and they are absolutely hilarious.Outdo him if you can! Good luck on the video, and kudos for the effort!