My wrist has been hurting these past few days and it hurts when i move it ,my mom believes in Mexican remedies?

Answer What I'd do:See the school nurse as soon as school starts. If she recommends seeing a doctor, pls explain about the Mexican remedies and why you're not getting the help you need. A doctor should si... Read More »

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My right arm has been hurting 4 2 days and its swollen it hurts when i move it i am 13 HELP ME!?

definitely see the school nurse...i would go to a walk-in-clinic tho....they can definitely help. DEFINITELY get it checked out!

I sprained my wrist doing power cleans. It still hurts alot after 4 days. Is this normal If so what do I do?

Lower back pain hurts to move message does not help going on for 6 days now?

Marion, I am going to ask you to do a series of exercises that may not seem to be related to your back but they will help you. First sitting in a straight chair turn your head to the left as far a... Read More »

In the episode Bloodshot Jane mentions that he believes there was a traumatic event in VanPelt's past Do we ever learn what happened in VanPelt's past on The Mentalist?

Yes tonight's show (3/16/11), which is directed by the Gube, by the way, is Prentiss's last show. And don't worry, she doesn't die.