My wrist has been hurting..?

Answer Use one of those soft wrist splints you can buy at the store (the ones for carpal tunnel syndrome) to keep it somewhat immobilized, take Advil or Motrin according to the directions on the bottle, w... Read More »

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My wrist has been hurting these past few days and it hurts when i move it ,my mom believes in Mexican remedies?

What I'd do:See the school nurse as soon as school starts. If she recommends seeing a doctor, pls explain about the Mexican remedies and why you're not getting the help you need. A doctor should si... Read More »

WHO WANTS 10 POINTS HELP PLZ!!!! i injured my wrist been been few months now READ ON...?

Have you gone to a doctor yet? It might be a sprain or a strain. That can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year to heal. I would stay off of it, and use ice if it starts to hurt too badly. 2... Read More »

Why has my knee been hurting?

I have the same problem with my knees, I play a lot of football and basketball and I am 19 I have been playing sports since i was 10 years old. My doctor tells me usually I put to much pressure on ... Read More »

My hand has been hurting?

you might have pulled a muscle, or hit your hand on something when you werent paying attention. it should be ok tomorrow, or the next day. if not, maybe see a doctor.